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Selection of large coverages for media such as National Geographic Brasil magazine, El Pais, The Intercept Brasil, Expresso (Portugal), Folha de S.Paulo, UOL (Universo Online)Vice Brazil, Trip Magazine and the US NGO Witness on topics such as the Venezuelan Crisis in Colombia and Roraima, Argentine vote on abortion legalization, Samarco's dam burst in Mariana/MG, the "Cracolândia" in Sao Paulo, the water crisis in the Cantareira system, which supplies part of the state capital, the political crisis, culminating in the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, and the waves of protests in Brazil since June 2013

Cucuta, Colombia, 29/02/2019 - Venezuelan miner's body is smuggled to be buried in Venezuela after his death by cancer in Colombia

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